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Last 3 Years Inspection Report

SL.NOActReport NoInspection DateReport Issue DatePDF Link
1Contract Labour (R & A) Act, 1970 & W.B. Rules, 1972 thereunder , For Principal EmployerWBLC-INSP-392452019-10-212019-10-24
2Contract Labour (R & A) Act, 1970 & W.B. Rules, 1972 thereunder, For ContractorsWBLC-INSP-392452019-10-212019-10-24
3Shops & Establishments Act, 1963 and W.B Rules, 1964 thereunderWBLC-INSP-392452019-10-212019-10-24
4The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 and The Payment of Bonus Rules 1975 thereunderWBLC-INSP-392452019-10-212019-10-24
5Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 and W.B Rules, 1973 thereunderWBLC-INSP-392452019-10-212019-10-24